Moore's Law for Fibers

Fabrics that see, hear, sense, communicate, store and convert energy, regulate temperature, monitor health and change color -- heralding the dawn of a Fabric Revolution.

Moore’s Law


AFFOA Road Map 1.0

AFFOA was established to enable the widespread enterommercial adoption of revolutionary fibers and textiles (RFT) for the nation. AFFOA’s mission, derived from a significant level of industry feedback, is to enable a domestic manufacturing-based revolution by transforming traditional fibers, yarns, and fabrics into highly sophisticated, integrated and networked devices and systems. A technology-centric approach, enabled by significant intellectual property (IP) and manufacturing innovation, is necessary to turn the tides on an industry losing U.S. jobs.

This convergence of semiconductor technology into fiber and textile manufacturing in the U.S.—driven by industry demand—will enable wireless connectivity among advanced fabric products that are prototyped rapidly, amenable to both small-batch production and mass customization to benefit the Warfighter and consumers in global markets.